Steve Richardson & Company
  • January
    1. Client Organizers will go out.
    2. January 15th 4th Quarter Individual Estimated Payment Due.
    3. January 31st - 4th Quarter Business Payroll Returns Due.
    4. Annual W-2s will be sent out no later than January 31st.
  • February
    1. Set-up appointment for Corporate & Personal Tax Return Completion.
  • March
    1. March 15th Corporate Tax Returns Due.


Who are we?

FUTURE-ORIENTED: Most CPA’s are historians. Working from a maintenance perspective, they emphasize keeping records and filling out tax forms. Their usual manner is conservative, just hoping to keep their clients out of trouble.

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Most important of all, we make a conscious effort to be accessible to you. At Steve Richardson & Company you are more than a client -- you are a person and trusted friend. Because of that, we make every effort to be here when you need us to solve problems, answer questions, and provide quality service.

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